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Friday Listening: 28

After quite the break (insert excuse here), Friday listenings are back. Thanks to those of you that got in touch to say that you had missed them, or to give suggestions of recordings to share. I started this little series of blogs so that my students had easy access to a list of good recordings to listen to, but it's nice that others have stumbled across it along the way and find it entertaining.

This week, the piece of music I'm sharing is "Rustiques" by Eugène Bozza and performed by Wynton Marsalis. This is a stunning piece of music, with an expansive and ponderous opening, a haunting slow melody and a fast paced and joyful second half- it really has it all. This recording is taken from Marsalis's album "On the Twentieth Century" which is well worth a listen in its entirety- it was easily one of my most listened to albums as a younger trumpet player (on CD!) and still is today.

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